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Livepro Bosu Pro Balance Trainer LP8211

350.00 د.إ

  • Can be used for balance training and core muscle exercise
  • Improve coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility
  • Base and the hemisphere are fixed by 18 screws
  • 6 non-slip gasket is in contact with the ground
  • Spherical surface anti-slip texture for overall anti-slip and solidness
  • Tension tube is connected to the buckle for resistance training
  • Sphere is made of high-quality PVC material
  • Spherical surface is composed of a concave and convex rough surface and smooth surface
  • Instability of the hemisphere can provide a constantly changing sports surface
  • Durable spherical surface and wide base can withstand up to 300kg
  • Logo is permanently engraved on each spherical surface
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