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  • Abcore is one of our most innovative pieces.
  • Abcore abdominal free weight training is a unique ab machine designed with trainers in mind.
  • Abcore isolates both frontal abdominals and obliques with a simple seat adjustment.
  • With bio-mechanical movement, Abcore trains the entire abdominal region without stressing the lower back.
  • Abcore has been endorsed by chiropractors and gym owners.
  • Unique to Abcore is its ability to vary resistance.
  • Positioning weight plate on lower peg decreases resistance, on the upeer peg increases resistance.
  • This gives Abcore the ability to accomodate beginners with weak abdominals to elite athletes with strong conditioned abs.
  • 43″(L) x 32″ (W) x 64″ (H)
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